This wiki provides information and links to first grade science curriculum
aligned to the State Standards.
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First Grade content includes:
  • Forces and Motion-What makes objects move the way they do?
  • Structure and Function- How are organisms structured to ensure efficiency and survival?
  • Science and Technology- How does science and technology affect the quality of our lives?

The First Grade Standards are on pages 17-24 in the following document.
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PreK-8 Science Standards

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Follow this link to the Next Generation Science Standards.

To view the CT Common Core State Standards click on the icon above.


Plan a visit the Connecticut Science Center. Click on the planning guide to help find exhibits

and information aligned with the state standards.
Educator Guide

The New Milford Public Library offers discount passes for these science resources.
Click on the icons for more information.
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Beardsley Zoo.pngThe Beardsley Zoo

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Mystic Aquarium
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The Stepping Stones Museum for Children

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