Standard 1.2 Organisms change in form and behavior as part of their lifecycles.
  • All living things (organisms) need air, water and food to stay alive and grow; they meet these needs in different ways.
  • Most animals move from place to place to find food and water. Some animals have two legs, four legs, six legs or more for moving. Other animals move using fins, wings or by slithering.
  • Animals get air in different ways. For example, humans breathe with lungs, while fish breathe with gills.
  • Animals get food in different ways. Some animals eat parts of plants and others catch and eat other animals.
  • Animals get water in different ways. Some animals have special body parts, such as noses, tongues or beaks that help them get water.
  • Fictional animals and plants can have structures and behaviors that are different than real animals and plants.

What do animals need to live? Teacher led lesson for early learners.

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Animal Habitats
Nonfiction Animals

Compare and Contrast Fiction and Nonfiction Animals
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