Standard 1.3 Organisms change in form and behavior as part of their life cylcles.
  • 1.1.3 Animals are either born alive (for example humans, dogs, and cows)
or hatched from eggs (for example, chickens, sea turtles or crocodiles).

Some animals hatch from eggs.
Below are some examples.

See the lifecycle from egg to chick

Watch the baby robin hatch. The mother robin returns to the nest.

This video is great for discussing how the baby chick changes in form

to become more like the adult bird.

Watch the baby sea turtle hatch. Adult turtles do not care for baby sea turtles. They are on their own.
They are on their own. Watch as they make their way from sand to sea!

Watch the baby crocodile hatch. You can even hear its "first words."

Are you an egg expert? Play the Egg Gameto check your "eggspertice!"

Shakin' and Eggs, a lesson plan for teaching about animals that hatch from eggs, is designed for 2nd and 3rd grade but could easily be modified for 1st grade.

A great writing activity could include a Venn diagram about how bird hatchlings and reptile hatchlings are alike and different. Click on the file below for a blank Venn Diagram to print and use.