There are so many different kinds of scientists studying so many different things. To find out about some past and present,
visit the famous scientist website below. There is a long list of scientists on the side of the page. Click on the one you are
interested in. You will open a page with a picture of the scientist, information about him or her (bio), and the important
contribution he or she made to science.
Click on the scientists to visit the site.

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See more scientists!

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Dr. Don Petit is an amazing physicist. He does really cool science on the International Space Station. His videos are
interesting to watch and the materials he uses are relatable to children. He has Legos, goo, balloons, bubbles and more.
Look at his work and be sure to visit Physics Central to see more of his experiments.

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Find out what a Physicist does at Physics Central

Play a matching game to find out what different scientists do.

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Physicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson
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Listen to astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse from the Hayden Planetarium

Now you be the astrophysicist. This NASA site lets you form a hypothesis then test it out.
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If you have a question for a scientist, you can get an answer by visiting the site below.
You can also play science games and watch science videos.
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