The Sun is a star at the center of our universe. Scientists believe it was formed about 4.6 million years ago.
The Sun is Earth's source of energy. It keeps us warm and provides us with light.
Here in Connecticut we have a great resource for teachers, parents and students.
You can visit the Discovery Museum and Planetarium in Bridgeport.
Click on the picture of the museum for information.

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The Discovery Museum and Planetarium has a show in the planetarium for young children.

The Little Star That Could- Ages 7 and under - 35 minutes Little Star, an average yellow star,
searches for planets of his own to warm and protect. Along the way, he meets other stars,
learns what makes each star special, and discovers that stars combine to form clusters and galaxies.
Little Star also learns about planets and our solar system.

The John J McCarthy Observatory is located behind New Milford High School.

The observatory offers a program for kids, called Second Saturday Stars. This is a free program offered every month!

Each month has a different topic, so check the schedule.
The volunteers will even teach new astronomers how to use a telescope.

John J McCarthy.jpg
If you cannot visit the observatory, you can Skype
with us during the Second Saturday Stars.

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Here is a song that helps children learn about the Sun and the planets in our Solar System.

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